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The Building, The Gear, The Property...

The Building

Straight forward and to the point! The studio itself is a Trojan horse, not just an ordinary rectangular building on an acreage parcel. This building has been completely stripped to its frame and rebuilt with one thing in mind. Acoustics. There isn't a square inch of floor, wall or ceiling that wasn't accounted for in the build of any of the 6 rooms. 

Jaded Avenue Productions Offers: 2 ISO amp rooms, 1 ISO Vocal Booth, an adjustable Live/ Drum room (ability to make the room small, medium, large), a Mix/ Control room and a Media room.



The Gear

Quality is key when it comes to sound. That's why we deal with the best in the industry. Jaded Avenue Productions is proud to deal exclusively with Vintage King LA for all of our recording needs. When it comes to instruments we keep it local and not only can we offer an array of guitars and amps upon request but we purchase the bulk of our equipment from Long & McQuade in South Edmonton.

We are dealing with these companies not only because they are the best at what they do, but because their customer service stands out compared to the rest. It's this trait that makes us and the rest in the music realm repeat customers.

Gear List:


-SSL XL Desk Loaded with eight SSL Mic pre's and eight Neve 1073 Mic pre's. 


-Apollo 16 AD/DA Black Face

Computer & Software:

-Mac Mini, 32GB Ram, 1TB Memory

-Macbook Pro 2015 16GB Ram, 500GB Memory

-Pro tools 12

-Logic Pro

-Native Instruments Komplete 11

-Slate Plug ins, Drums, Trigger 2

-Assorted Avid, UA and Many More Plug ins


-Retro Instruments Double Wide (in the console)

-SSL G bus Compressor (in the console)

-Stereo pair of Distressor ELXS-8's


-Barefoot Foot Print 01

-Yamaha HS8

-Hear Technology Hear Back Octo 4 pack


-All custom made at Vintage King LA

-48 Channel Patch bay Half Normalled (x3)


-Shure SM 7B

-Shure SM 58

-Shure SM 57 (x4)

-Royer Labs 121

-Solomon-Design Sub Kick MIC

-AKG 414 (x2)

-Audix DP7 Drum Mic Package

-Stam Audio U47

-Assorted vintage and used Mics (x8)


-Tube Epiphone Head with a Traynor stack

-Fender Showman

-Tech 21 Guitar Amp

-Blackstar HT1 Special edition

-Gallien Krueger Bass amp 


-Gretsch Catalina Club

-Tama Imperial-Star

-Assorted Sabian AAX Symbals


-LTD EC 256

-Squire Stratocaster

-Squire Fretless Jazz Bass

-BC Rich Warlock

-Many acoustic Guitars to choose from.

Ask during the consultation meeting for our high end range.



The Property

Being located outside of the city has its benefits. While being only 18 Minutes south east of the Edmonton International Airport, there's no limit to the freedom we have at our door step. The 3.5 acre property not only has the studio and homestead but also room to camp, trails to walk and a large fire pit/ amphitheater/ staging area to get creative and song write under the stars. 

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